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Fan Coil Unit. Fan coil units are available in two configurations: horizontal type suitable for ceiling suspension and vertical type suitabia for floor mounting: Casing: galvanised sheets of heavy gauge steel with suitable drain tray to avoid sweating. The fan coil unit are (double skin) painted with stove paint/ h. T. Paint, electro static paint as per customer requirements. Blowers: the multiblade forward curved centrifugal type aluminium fan wheels statically and dynamically balanced are driven by extended shaft motor. Fan Motor: 3 speed, permanent split capacitor type motor with extended manual speed selection. Drain Fan: heavy gauge. Double skin insulated drain pan extend full width of coil collect condensate from chilled water coils, valve and fitting with provision of drain nipple to avoid overflow. Cooling Coil: 3 row deep, 3/8 o. D. Copper tubing, aluminum fin constuctioin provide maximum. Heat transfer. The water inlet and outlet are provided with flare nut for connections to control valves. Air Filter: filter are made of expanded aluminum mesh/ hdpe media/synthetic non-w oven media and are permanent cleanable type filter the air to a maximum deg. Technical Specifications: • model no enviro tech fan coil unit. • ceiling suspended type unit. • powder coating type unit. • centrifugal blowers’ dwdi aluminum impeller with static & dynamically balanced • single phase motors. • cooling coil copper pipes. • g. I. Sheet. • drain tray with insulation. • {enviro tech industrial products fan coil unit model no – etipfcu. • available size 1. 0 tr, 1. 5 tr, 2. 0 tr, 2. 5 tr, 3. 0 tr, 5. 0 tr. • fan coil unit direct driven. • fan coil unit v belt driven. • fan coil unit horizontal arrangement. • fan coil unit ceiling suspended. • fan coil unit duct able ac. • fan coil unit ac ducting system. Applications: • Showroom,Shopping Mall,Restaurant & Bar,Hotels,Office,Call Centre,Building,Clean Room. ENVIRO TECH INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Company works under the leadership of Mr.RPSHARMA Phone 9871034100,22483365,22083434 Email.,,